Completed projects
SN Publications Author Year
21 कोशी नदी पर बलुआहाघाट ,गंदौला (सहरसा जिला )से हाटी -कोठी ,बिरौल (दरभंगा )तक १३. 00 किलोमीटर एप्रोच रोड एबं पुल निर्माण हेतु ८ मौजाओ में भू-अर्जन के लिये सामाजिक प्रभाव आकलन (अंतिम प्रतिवेदन ) हबीबुल्लाह अंसारी 2016
22 Social Impact Assessment Study on SIA of Land Acquisition under Deegha Rail cum Road Bridge -'Link Road' Pariyojna (Report) Kaushal Kishor & Vidyarthi Vikas -----
23 Land Acquisition for Construction of RCC Bridge across River Gandak at Sattarghat in 27th km of Chakiya-Kesariya Road in the District of East Champaran,Motihari,Bihar(SIA Report) Vidyarthi Vikas & Kaushal Kishor ------
24 Social Impact Assessement of 08 Maujas (Village) in Darbhanga District on Land Acquisition for the Construction of 13.00 KM Long Extended Protion of Approach Road of Baluaha Ghat Koshi Bridge, Gandaul in Saharsa District up to Hanti Kothi Biraul in Darbhanga District Habibualla Ansari 2016
25 Sub- Regional Perspective from Bihar and Nepal’, Sponsored by World Bank’s Programme on India and Her Neighbours in collaboration with Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi Neetu choudhary and Abhijit Ghosh 2014
26 Education Status of Scheduled Castes in Bihar(Report) Awadhesh Kumar 2014
27 Education Status of Scheduled Castes in Jharkhand(Report) Awadhesh Kumar 2014
28 Indicators For Identifying And Assessing Psycho-Social Well-Being in Children Durganand Sinha January 15, 1984
29 Place And Role of Phychology in the Context of Third World Development with SpecialReference to India Durganand sinha August 20,1983
30 Phychology and Development part1 Research in Phychology in the Developing World: A Brief Review Durganand sinha October 20,1986
31 Perceptual Skill In Certain Cultural Groups:A Cross-Cultural Study Durganand Sinha December 1,1984
32 The Nurturant -Taskmaster: A model of Effective Executive Jai B.P Sinha -------
33 Pretesting of Some Episodes of The Tv Serial On Science And Technology "Ek Aur Paramp Era" Prepared for National Telecast(Study Spon-Sored by Development Communication Unit,ISRO,AHM EDAB AD). K.K.Verma,Rajan Verma & C.S.P Sinha -----
34 Communication In Rajasthan Village Bhutera Sachchidananda & K.K Pandey July 1977
35 Evaluation of Drug De-Addiction,Counselling and After-Care Centres in Eastern and North-Eastern India M.N.Karna ----
36 Determinants and consequences of Internal Migration in India A.S Oberai,Pradhan H.Prasad and M.G.Sardana November 1988
37 Internal Migration in Bihar Alakh N.Sharma 1986
38 Seasonal Migration of Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes People From Rural Areas of Bihar Anil Kumar Thakur 1986
39 Communication in a Bihar Village Barahser Sachchidananda 1977
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