Completed projects
SN Name of Project Project Director Year
28 Indicators For Identifying And Assessing Psycho-Social Well-Being in Children Durganand Sinha January 15, 1984
29 Place And Role of Phychology in the Context of Third World Development with SpecialReference to India Durganand sinha August 20,1983
30 Phychology and Development part1 Research in Phychology in the Developing World: A Brief Review Durganand sinha October 20,1986
31 Perceptual Skill In Certain Cultural Groups:A Cross-Cultural Study Durganand Sinha December 1,1984
32 The Nurturant -Taskmaster: A model of Effective Executive Jai B.P Sinha -------
33 Pretesting of Some Episodes of The Tv Serial On Science And Technology "Ek Aur Paramp Era" Prepared for National Telecast(Study Spon-Sored by Development Communication Unit,ISRO,AHM EDAB AD). K.K.Verma,Rajan Verma & C.S.P Sinha -----
34 Communication In Rajasthan Village Bhutera Sachchidananda & K.K Pandey July 1977
35 Evaluation of Drug De-Addiction,Counselling and After-Care Centres in Eastern and North-Eastern India M.N.Karna ----
36 Determinants and consequences of Internal Migration in India A.S Oberai,Pradhan H.Prasad and M.G.Sardana November 1988
37 Internal Migration in Bihar Alakh N.Sharma 1986
38 Seasonal Migration of Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes People From Rural Areas of Bihar Anil Kumar Thakur 1986
39 Communication in a Bihar Village Barahser Sachchidananda 1977
40 The Tribal Children of Bihar Sachindra Narayan 1979
41 Rural Children a Case Study of USFA B.B Mandal & K.K Sinha -----
42 Nehru Yuva Kendras at Work in Bihar Sachchidananda & Manohar Lal 1993
43 Awareness Adoption and Vasectomy Ramesh Prasad Sinha july 1972
44 URBAN Growth And Political Socialization "A Study of Rural-Urban Differentials in Value Preferencess and leadership Behaviour in Bihar" Sitaram Akinchan ----
45 Social Disabilities of The Harijans In Bihar Anirudh Prasad,Rajan Varma & Anil K.Thakur March, 1987
46 Indebtedness Among Harijans in Bihar A.K.Daftuar -------
47 Harijans Thana In Bihar(Case Study) A.K.Daftuar 1986
48 Employment Status of Harijan Attached/Bonded labourers Working in Religious Institutions in Bihar Yogendara Lal Das 1991
49 Psycho-Social Support Programme on Flood Affected Children in Muzaffarpur and Samastipur Blocks :A Pilot Survey S M Anwar Yousuf November 2007
50 Evaluation of Media Campaign on the girl child in Bihar K.K.Verma,Rajan verma & Saboohi Kazim -------
51 Destitutes and Development "A Study of Bauri Community in Bokaro Steel City Region " Nirmal Sengupta December 15,1976
52 Musahar : A Socio-Economic Study Sachindra Narayan July 1977
53 कहार जाति नृजातीय अध्ययन अजय कुमार झा ----
54 बिहार में सिविल अधिकार संरक्षण अधिनियम का कार्यान्वयन एबं उसकी समस्याएँ (परिसंवाद का प्रतिवेदन ) डॉ. अनिरुद्ध प्रसाद जनवरी 1987
55 Social Inputs in Area Development Khagaria B.B.Mandal -------
56 Integrated Rural Development Program A Study of Harijans & Adivasis in Bihar Rajan Varma 1986
57 Rural Development through Goverment Programmes Nadeem Mohsin -----
58 Concurrent Evaluation of integrated Rural Development programme Indradeo Sharma 1998
59 Baseline Survey of Voters' Behaviour in Bihar Sudhir Kumar & Pawan Kumar Jha 2010
60 People's Perception of Harijan Atrocities in Bihar Anirudh Prasad -------
61 A Study of the Laximipur Carnage A.K.Daftuar 1986
62 Border Area Development programme in Bihar(Third-Party Inspection Report) Sudhir Kumar 2013
63 The Pattern of Spatial Capitalist Transformation and Emerging Paradigm of Regional Bourgeoise Shaibal Gupta 1998
64 Social-economic Situation in the Action Research Area (Musahari Block,Muzaffarpur) Mangna Nand jha Anil Kumar Das
65 Essay On Growth and Development In India Pradhan H.Prasad July,1987
66 Papers Related to Economic Theory Pradhan H.Prasad July 1989
67 Assembly Election of 2005 In Patna S.Narayan & JaiPrakash 2005
68 End-line Survey Voters' Behaviour in Bihar Sudhir Kumar 2012
69 Kiul-Badua-Chandan Command Area(A Social-economic Survey) M.P.Pandey 1977
70 Sone Command Area (A Social-economic Survey) M.P.Pandey & A Muthana 1976
71 Planning and Implementation of National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme(NREGS) in Bihar :A Process Study Nil Ratan July 2008
72 Evalution of National Rural Employment Programme in the District of Purnea K.K. Verma,R.P.Sinha & S.Narain 1986
73 Impact of Minimum Wages act in Bihar R.B.Singh & C.R.Sinha ------
74 Politics of Poverty(a case study of bonded laboury) A.K.Lal 1976
75 The cycle Rickshaw Pullers of Patna Manju Singh June 1977
76 Impact of Pilot Intensive Rural Employment Project(A Case Study of Musahari Block) Pradhan H.Prasad December,1975
77 Implementation Bottlenecks in Small Farmers Development Agency(A Case Study of S.F.D.A Patna) D.D.Guru .......
78 Small Farmers Development Agency,Purnea An Evaluation D.D.Guru June 1979
79 Role of Institution Credit in Tribal Development Shaibal Gupta & Anup K.Karan 1990
80 Child Labour : The Scenario in Bihar Nadeem Mohsin 1994
81 Child labour in Patna Alakh Narayan Sharma 1979
82 Female Employment in India What Determines the Choice of Sector of Activity? Sandhya Mahapatro january,2017
83 Land Records and Agrarian Situation in Bihar(A Pilot Study) M.P. Pandey 1979
84 Study on Rural Unrest in Bihar Indu Bharti January,1991
85 Agrarian Situation in two Villages of Banmankhi Block (Purnea District) Mangna Nand Jha August,1978
86 Harijans And Land Reforms In Bihar sachchidananda ----
87 Evaluation Study of Allotement of Surplus Land Under Land Reforms Programme in Bihar (East Champaran,Darbhanga,Gaya Madhubani and West Champaran Districts) M>N. Karan 1994
88 Rural Energy Consumption in Plateau Region of Bihar P.P. Ghooh & Sudhir Kumar 1987
89 Integrated Rural Energy Plan for Three Selected Blocks in Bihar: A Project Report Sachindra Narayan & Manohar Lal Februrary,1987
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