SN Name Title Date
12 Dr. Neetu Choudhary Re-Visiting (Gender) Empowerment 29.09.2016
13 Dr. Abhijit Ghosh School Education in India: Still an Achiles' Heel? 04.10.2016
14 Prof. B N Prasad Imperatives of India's Employment Guarantee Scheme: Societal Metabolism and Sustainability 26.11.2016
15 Dr. Sudhir Kumar Poverty, Migration and Voting behaviour in Bihar 30.11.2016
16 Dr. Biplab Dhak Child Malnutrition in India: Reflection on Government and Policy Issues 03.12.2016
17 Dr. Awadhesh Kumar Bihar mein Laghu Sichai (Atit se Vartaman tak) 20.12.2016
18 Dr. Anuja Emerging Perceptions of Women's Concern: Bihar Chapter 22.12.2016
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