SN Name Title Date
01 Dr. Habibullah Ansari Needs and Availability of Technology in Care of Elderly in India: A Question for Policy and Planning 29.01.2016
02 Prof. Ajay Kumar Jha Importance of Sanskrit Today 06.02.2016
03 Prof. D M Diwakar Make in India:Whether A Paradigm Shift (Employment Prospects and Challenges) 20.02.2016
04 Dr. Bipul Kumar Jharkhand State and the Issue of Adivasi Identity 09.04.2016
05 Dr. Rakesh Tiwary Managing International Waters of Ganges Brahmaputra Basin with Soft Laws 30.04.2016
06 Dr. S R Mahapatro Association of Household Living arrangement Pattern and Health status 30.04.2016
07 Dr. Vidyarthi Vikas Farm Size and Productivity (Evidence from Bihar) 02.07.2016
08 Dr. Kaushal Kishore Identity Crises and Social Transformation: A Proposal for the Study of Tharu Community 29.07.2016
09 Dr. Renu Choudhary Socio Economic and Health Status of Women in Bihar: Issues and Challenges 12.08.2016
10 Dr. Rajeev Kamal Kumar Tracking of Children of Age Group 0-14 Years under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan 27.08.2016
11 Dr. Aviral Pandey Subcontracting and Informal Sector: Manufacturing, Trade and Other Services in India 10.09.2016
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